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The future of packaging is here.

Plastiroll is an accomplished pioneer in developing ecological and environmentally friendly packaging solutions.

We have a passion for developing future
packaging solutions.

We continuously improve our processes
for minimum impact to the environment.

Plastiroll manufactures variety of coatings for both cardboard and paper, as well as laminated and printed packaging materials for food packaging and other industrial uses.




We are a pioneering developer of dispersion coatings. Our production range covers a wide variety of paper and board materials, biodegradable films and bags.

  • Classic - plastic coated packaging materials and laminates
  • Jazz - dispersion coated compostable packaging materials
  • Rock - bio plastic coated and laminated packaging materials

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We have been making biodegradable bags and sacks since 1997, and our Bioska product range has expanded steadily over the years. Our latest innovation, clear biodegradable packaging film is used for example for packaging vegetables and non-food products.



Our product range is also offers a wide selection of plastic bags and for all uses small and big; consumer, retailer, cleaning and waste management. In addition to waste bags we also manufacture freezing and grocery bags.