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BioskaPlus Biowaste Bags

BioskaPlus is a new generation of biodegradable packaging material that performs in use like a traditional biowaste bag, but degrades a lot faster after discarded.

BioskaPlus was developed especially to suit the current waste management process. Many Finnish waste management companies recommend the residents in their waste collection area use BioskaPlus bags for best composting results.

Stormossen Waste Management recommends! »

Thanks to its innovative material, BioskaPlus degrades significantly faster also in home compost.

BioskaPlus biowaste bags are made for biowaste collecting in domestic and professional kitchens, garden work, home composting and dry toilets. The bags perform well in the process of most waste handling companies.

BioskaPlus - New generation of biodegradable bags and sacks”


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OK Compost Vincotte BioskaPlus Bags and Sacks (PDF)