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Stormossen's waste management experts recommend BioskaPlus bags

Stormossen, a regional waste management company in Western Finland tested the new BioskaPlus in their own waste handling process

Their tests showed that the new BioskaPlus bags did not tangle or cause any blockages in any stages of their process. Stormossen are happy to recommend BioskaPlus to residents in their collection area.

Plastiroll started developing a new biowaste bag material after waste management companies reported that regular biowaste bags do not perform well in their process.

In collaboration with waste management professionals, Plastiroll successfully developed a next generation biowaste bag material that suits the handling process better without losing any of its loading capacity.

Stormossen is a regional waste management company in Korsholm, Western Finland, owned by six municipalities, with a total collection area of over 100,000 residents.

Stormossen Biogas Plant produces biogas and decomposed humus material out of the biodegradable fraction, i.e. food waste since 1996.